I believe the basics of life are built on a simple desire - to be known and loved for who you are.


I find the sweetest moments in life come from being unapologetically myself.  And I am passionate about leading by example in seeking courage to be truthful to who I am as a child of God and as a creative, a wife, a mother, a sister, daughter and friend.

 I feel most alive with miles of sidewalk and buildings are around me soaring up and away. And my mind always clears amongst the honking horns and flurry of the city in a way that no other silence or stillness can.

This is my place of stillness.

This is my place of peace.

When I am hand in hand with Andrew as we push our little baby girl in her bright pink stroller. A shimmery skyline might as well be my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.



Hi! I love to email like it's 1995 again and I am at my Macintosh Performa writing to my pen pal. Send me a note, or pop into one of my social media lounges (I'm favoring Instagram at the moment) to chit chat.


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